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When can photography and photo shoots return in the UK? New Covid -19 guidance from the GOV!

One-to-one outdoor Photo Shoots can resume March 8th and indoor shoots inc Mua's to return April says Prime Minister Boris Johnson!

When can photography and photo shoots return in the UK?


It’s been such a long time since we’ve been aloud to shoot freely both indoors and outdoors and have MUA's, stylist and teams alongside us.

In February 2021, Boris Johnson announced the Governments ROADMAP for easing restrictions in England which will begin on March 8th 2021.

This is the moment photographers, Models, Stylists, videographers and studio owners have been waiting for!

wheather you are a Professional photographer or Hobbyist we will all be back to shoots and doing what we love very soon!

Key dates for easing of restrictions in England!

Below is a summary of key dates from the UK Government’s ROADMAP, and what we believe this means for organising shoots (no longer just for work).

You can view the full list and other details from the ROADMAP here.

  • Outdoor one-to-one shoots can go ahead from 8th March 2021

  • Outdoor shoots (larger than one-to-one) can go ahead from no earlier than 29th March 2021

  • Studios, MUAs and hairstylists are open from no earlier than April 2021

  • Indoor shoots, outdoor group shoots, and large events from no earlier than 17th May 2021

  • The return of normality from no earlier than 21st June 2021

Although its just around the corner we still have a little time before we can completely return to normal. We have put together a list of things you can do to get ready to return to photoshoots and modelling!

Model Tips to Prepare for Your First/return Photo Shoot!

  • Pose/practice in front of the mirror. Its always good to practice your poses and teach your body new ways of creating axing shapes for your shots! Practice your facial expressions and really get yourself comfortable and prepared to take on any concept the photographer or director may have!

  • Create mood boards and get Inspo for your next look! (look online and in magazines. Its so helpful to get your ideas down in front of you to see what works and what doesn't and helps you remember all of your fantastic ideas!

  • Always be prepared and make sure you have your essentials with you. Theres nothing worse than loosing a button or hair coming out of place and not having something on hand to fix it. There are often people on hand to assist Models with these things but its always clever to be one step ahead and after all everyone forgets things!

  • Read and understood the brief! Make sure you read the breif and have asked any questions if you are unsure of things. If they have asked you to bring clothing or accessories make sure you have tried it on, its presentable and you have a lot of options.

  • Prep your Hair, Nails, Skin and Teeth! Make sure you arrive with a fresh face and freshly washed hair unless you have been asked otherwise. Keep your nails natural and your skin and teeth looking and smelling fresh! Make sure you remove any unwanted hair moisturise your skin well so you get the best look on film.

  • Confirm the location! its always helpful to confirm the location again before you set off! There is nothing worse than being in the wrong place or at the wrong time, sometimes just half a hour delay can cause a shoot to be cancelled. If your going to be late or are unsure of where you going its always best to ask!

Things not to do before a photoshoot! 📸

  • Try out a new hairstyle. While trying out new hairstyle is fun right before a shoot probably isn't the best timed its so important to stick to any briefs from the client! They may have picked you because they love your hair, do check in first.

  • Experiment with new skin products. When you are about to go on a shoot it's important that your skin is clear and ready to apply any products the MUA or team may wish to use. If your skin breaks out or you have a bad reaction to a new product the shoot may have to be abandoned completely. Always try out new products cautiously and on days where you are not shooting.

  • Get stressed or worked up about your shoot! Its so important to be relaxed before a shoot and if there is something you are worried or unsure about its always best to get it sorted beforehand. There are sp many models and creatives out there that will happily offer you good advice! Turn to your friends when things seems stressful, things aren't usually as bad as they seem!

  • Go to a shoot feeling unwell or hungry! Now more than ever it is so important to ensure we are fit and well for work. If you don't feel up to the job get a second opinion and take the advice of a health professional! Never attend a shoot if you are feeling lethargic and always make sure you have eaten. Make sure your body has enough protein, healthy fat and carbs to get you through your day. If you don't feel up to the job... stay at home!

  • Eat food or a meal that's sure to make a mess! We have all done this before right haha! Cheeky snack on the tube on the way in? No one will know right? Until you walk in with pastry flakes in your hair. If your hungry of course eat, but do be careful, pick your snacks wisely and leave while before you are ready to be on set!

  • Stay up all night! You really do need your beauty sleep to stop you from looking tried and having puffy eyes. Its not always practical but try and prepare yourself the day before and get a good nights sleep to prepare you for your day ahead!

It is still more important than ever to stick to restrictions and work safely. Make sure you visit the Gov website for up to date guidelines and always double check if you are unsure of the rules!

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