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The rise of models in music videos!

Music video models London UK.

Music videos exist to enhance the consumer experience and promote the brand. With the platforms that fans use to access music moving towards video and sharing apps, music video

models look set to become an ever more important to success within the industry. If you want proof of this, just look how popular popular Robin Thicke's’ Blurred Lines video still is on search engines along with other popular music videos of the past 10 years. Why? Because people still want to watch it, obviously.

Music videos were once a way for stars to perform to their fans but these days, they are increasingly used to tell a story, make a point or take a stand. When trying to communicate a story or a brand, it’s important to have music video models that understand the industry and know how to convey to the audience exactly what the producers want. Any story is only as good as the way it is told and when it comes to music videos, the visual performance is as important as the audio.

If you want to convey a love story, that needs to come through via the actions of the models in the video. Likewise, if the song is an upbeat party anthem which shows people having fun and is engineered to get people off their seats and believing in the song and the video, we need to see the people in the video looking like they’re enjoying themselves.

That’s the only way to drive the brand and to make the video lift the song to more than the audio alone can do – by making the video an integral part of the ‘experience’ of listening to the song.

When selecting models to enhance your music video, experience is key to creating the right vibe and to help make a memorable video that will continue to be a part of people’s lives long after it stops being played in mainstream media. The kind of track that people actively seek out because it takes them back to a time or place which has good memories for them. To talk to us about how our models can help make your next music video a success, call us on 0208 226 5696.

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