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How to apply to become a Promotional Model!

What is a Promotional Model and how do I become one?

A Promotional Model is a Model that is hired to increase sales of a particular product, brand, company or service. The role of the model is to grow the products audience usually by approaching potential customers or clients sharing knowledge, demos or marketing material. The models are usually dressed in clothing that promotes the brand and are available to pose for photos which can be shared on websites and social media thus increasing product/service reach. Promo models come in a variety of roles such as:

  • Promo Models

  • Brand Ambassadors

  • Social Media Influencers

  • Exhibition Models

  • Grid Girls

  • Ring Girls

  • Cheerleaders

  • Hostesses

  • Event Staff

  • Motorsport Hospitality Staff

At Finesse Models our Promotional Models and Social Media influencers are used promote a range of things such as beauty products, clothing, electronics and services such as apps and events. The use of promotional models in this way always the target market audience to be reach quickly and effectively. Social media models especially those who are well known or have a large following are able to add desire and value to the product or company. Technology is becoming more and more amazing each day and models are able to add links to their bios and swipe up links to their stories which allows fast and precise promotion. These links and campaigns traffic are traceable to allow clients to see how well campaigns are going and where the traffic is coming from. YouTube influencers and unboxing are more popular than ever and again a great way to showcase a company catalogue and drop links to where they can purchase them.

Below are our models and social media influencers Lydia, Hazel, Megan and Matt for our Love at First Swipe x I Saw It First campaign.

Our Top Tips to becoming a Promotional Model and booking those jobs!

Finding work as a promo model is a tough job on your own, I mean where do you even start? Messaging clients and events directly can be time consuming and more often they will be using an agency to sort their staff, so our top tip is GET APPLYING! (our books are open please use the contact section to apply). It is always important to remember your safety when booking promo jobs so if you are going to book directly make sure you check the company is legit and get references!

2. What experience do I need what shall I add when I apply?

We ask that you complete a registration form when applying to be on our books detailing your stats and any experience you may have. Be honest, we want to see the real you, professional photos always help but make sure they are true to your image. Gives lots of information and don't worry too much if you do not have a lot of experience, listing your qualities and characteristics can be just as impactful! If you have worked as a promotional model or influencer before, that's fab! Be sure to add any references or photos you feel are suitable.

3. Speak to other promo models!

There is a huge community of amazing promo girls and models who are willing to share advice and point you in the right direction, don't be shy! Look for groups on social media and attend castings it's all about being approachable and putting yourself out there!

4. Always listen to the clients brief and smile and enjoy your part of the team! One of the main roles of a promotional model is to ensure the clients campaign or promotions is being delivered and the target audience is reached. Make sure you have fully understood the clients brief and if you are unsure ask! Remember you are there to promote the product and make it look desirable so smile and speak positively, clearly and knowledgeably about the company/product.

5. Be ready for work! Last minute jobs and campaigns are common in the hospitality and promotional modelling world so be prepared at all times. It is important to look tidy and presentable to ensure you get that dream role. We’re not saying you have to look pristine at all times (I mean what girl does?) but keeping your nails tidy and legs waxed is always a great idea ha-ha! In a nutshell be ready to pop on that uniform or take a photo for social media at any mo.

6. Have transport or be comfortable using public transport!

This will increase your chances of getting booked! Being a promotional model sometimes involves a lot of travel so it’s helpful if you are a driver who owns a vehicle and also that you have a valid passport. Companies and clients expect their staff to be on time and public transport can sometimes be unreliable so always plan your route ahead and count for delays.

7. Maintain a good social media image and create great content!

Social media presence is very important when companies are asking you to promote their product to your audience. It’s essential to make sure your social media accounts are active, up to date and showcase your best work. Brands will often want to take look at your insights so if you are applying to be an influencer make sure your content is engaging and professional particularly if you have not previously done any brand pastorships or colas. This allows the potential brand and companies to see how well you already do this before you represent their brand!

8. Have a laugh and be a great part of the team!

It’s of course important to remember to remain professional at work but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and make feeding along the way! Being a promotional model, ring girl or grid girl is an amazing job and one that our models love. Remember to create amazing memories and take advantage of all the exciting trips and opportunities that you meet along the way! ✈️ ☀️

How to APPLY to become a Promotional Model, Ring Girl, Grid Girl, Social Influencer, Brand Ambassador, Promo Model, Motorsport Hospitality Staff or Model.


Our Promotional Models wait to be back and see the safe return of events and Hospitality. To catch up with the girls and all our BTS from events make sure you follow Finesse Ring Girls on our Socials below!

Promotional models and staff

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