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Do ring girls still have a place in modern day combat sports?

Whether it’s boxing or MMA, combat sport is hugely popular with audiences across the world. But the fight game is about so much more than two opponents battling it out in the ring. The build-up to a fight is part of the anticipation; the initial announcement of the bout, the sparring, press conferences and trash-talking all combine to whip up fans, build excitement and make the fight a show.

Fans want to see the glitz and glamour of the event alongside the explosive aggression of the fight itself. And that includes ring girls. Now, it would be easy to dismiss ring girls simply as pretty girls parading around the ring holding numbers in the air. But that would also be naïve. Boxing ring girls add the glamour that fans expect.

Of course, they’re easy on the eye, but that’s part of the glamour. Ring girls in suits or ball gowns would look completely out of place in a boxing ring and would fail in one of their primary roles – to keep fans engaged between rounds. Of course, they’re also there to inform spectators which round is coming up and anyone with an interest in boxing will know that this is a key part of the matchup as it affects the tactics that each fighter employs as the fight develops.

Aside from fight night, there are other occasions in the build-up to the fight which help to define boxing or MMA as a brand. With so many different forms of entertainment vying for people’s attention and money, it’s absolutely vital that everything you do to promote not just the fight itself, but the brand as an entity, to the demographic most likely to tune in or attend the event. That means using the build-up to fight night to demonstrate that fans are going to get what they expect and what they want as part of the main event; razzamatazz, glamour and an intriguing bout.

MMA ring girls bring that glamour to weigh-ins, press conferences and fight night; events which will be photographed, steamed or recorded and which, when put out into the public domain either through media agencies or social media, will increase coverage and if done right, pique interest in fans of the sport.

As such a massive part of the boxing or MMA experience, you might be thinking that ring girls would be an expensive aspect of it. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. At Finesse Models we provide experienced ring girls for boxing and MMA bouts who understand the role and understand fight fans and will help to make fight night the spectacle that people expect. For further details or to discuss how ring girls can make your event live up to expectations, call us on 0208 226 5696.

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