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Meet the Boxing and MMA Ring Girls!

We get asked all the time - “What’s it like to be a Ring Girl” … “What do you actually do? What’s the best part? 🤷🏽‍♀️🥊

Our Boxing and MMA Ring Girls give you the low down 👸👯‍♀️

Boxing Ring Girl | MMA Ring Girls

We held a Q&A on our Instagram and answered your questions 😄🥊 What“a it like to be a Ring Girl, what are the best bits and what happens at the shows, let’s find out 👱🏽‍♀️

What do you have to do , are you on your own?

Demi 👸

Our main job is to let the crowd lnow what round the fight is on and we help with belt parades, handing our trophies, posing for photos and things like that. The day before they usually have a weigh in too, we pose with the fighters and hand out promo bits. Sometimes we help with auctions and giving out raffle prizes too. It’s all fun really there no bits I don’t enjoy. you rarely work on your own there usually at least one other girl. Sometimes we have 4 which is really fun and they’ll be two rings so it means lots of fights haha!

Do you get to meet loads of fighters and are they nice?


Haha well of course because it’s part of our job but we don’t always speak to them, they are always nice though. They usually try to be extra nice so we don’t think there being creepy or rude haha. We all love our jobs so we all get along and have lots of fun. We understand it’s serious getting ready for a fight though so we tend to just leave them alone. I always bump into fighters that I know at events which is nice it’s like a little family 😄🥊

Where do you get ready?

Caitlin 👸

We usually have a dressing room, I do my hair and make up at home and then just touch it up when I get there. We get changed at the venue but if I’m coming from another job or I’m in a hurry I’ll put my uniform on under my outfit to save time. I stood in for a girl last minute who was poorly so I ended up running in and getting changed in the toilets hahah but I made it on time and the client was happy so you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do 🤣🙌🏽👯‍♀️

Do you have another job?

Thea 👸

Im a dental nurse so I work during the week which I really love but it’s so nice to be able to Ring Girl in my spare time. It’s such a contrast of work and I really enjoy travelling and meeting new people. The work is flexible so Finesse just ask me when I’m available and I let them know 😄

Fave venue?

FRG 👯‍♀️

We don’t really have a favourite but the bigger venues usually Have the best atmosphere! It’s nice when you e get cute dressing rooms and there’s good food ahaha! We had a vote and we said MGM grand or fight island! 🏝 🥊

Any embarrassing moments?

Carla 👸

On one of my very first shows I wore boots with laces and step on them and nearly fell over 🙈 One of the corner men saw and laughed after, I always double knot them now 🤣🙌🏽

If you could only bring two items ring side what would they be.

Carla 👸

My phone and food 100% 🤣 I’m always hungry and I never go anywhere without my phone, I don’t take it in the ring though of course 🤣🥊

How often do you Ring Girl?

Nikitta 👸

We obviously haven’t been working too much with Covid but usually I would work at least 2/3 weekends a month. During the busier times I remember working like every weekend and driving all over for jobs. I love it though especially if we stay over and have a hotel it’s like a girly get away hahaha!

How did you start?

Thea 👸

I can’t actually remember 🤣 I think I saw Carla or the Ring Girl page post something about needing girls and I applied . I hadn’t been a Ring Girl before and it looked like so much fun. After I applied I had my first job pretty quick and I met Carla there and she talked me through every thing. I made loads of friends and I’ve worked for Finesse about 2 years now 💞

What are you missing most?

Lia 👸

Im definitely missing the girls and having a giggle at events! It’s so nice to be around your friends while your earning money haha! That too, I miss getting paid but we’re back this month and I can’t wait! I miss getting dressed up and putting on my uniform too, I love that! 🥊

Do you all know eachother well and do you hang out, outside of work?


Most of us know each other now because we have worked together and it’s quite common to know someone in the Promo field but then again I’ve been to jobs and not known the other girls. They are always friendly though. I see quite a few of the girls outside work, we all get along really well and just end up all becoming friends 👭

Who takes the most pictures?


Carla by far because she likes them for the Finesse socials 🤣

Its probably the only job you dont get told off fo taking loads of selfies 📱🙌🏽🤣 To be honest though moat times were so busy we don’t even have time but there is always someone taking photos and theres always good lighting lol 📸

Any advice for being a great Ring Girl or promo model?


If your new to it I would definitely speak to some other girls to get an idea of what to expect and how best to prepare yourself.It’s a good idea to sign up to a Ring Girl Agency as they will help you book jobs and organise everything for you. Make sure you are reliable and always on time to your events that’s so important! Always be ready and keep yourself looking preoccupied so that your always ready to work Listen to what you have been asked to do at an event and remember although it’s a rally fun job you are they’re to work too! Be a part of the team and be supportive and friendly to the other girls. Make sure you keep your photos and portfolio up to date so you have the best chance of being booked for work!

Finesse are a profesional agency representing outstanding Ring girls and Promtional Models Worldwide! Please contact a member of our team to make an enquiry or book one of our Models

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