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What's the best thing about Boxing/MMA? Where do you get ready? Meet our Ring Girl Demi 👑 🥊

MMa Ring Girl
Finesse Ring Girls Demi

Professional Number Holder 🤷‍♀️ 😂

We had a chat with the amazing Finesse Ring Girls and got to know all about them and their favourite parts of the job!


So let's start with the basics what's your name, how old are you and where are you from?

"Hey I’m Demi, I am 28 years old and I’m from Birmingham"

How did you become a Ring Girl and how long have you been doing it ?

I started ring girling quite a few years back. I was with a promotional modelling agency and I applied through them. I remember my first ever ring girl job, the other ring girl cancelled so I was on my own! I had no clue what I was doing and just winged it haha I had so much fun though!

Best thing about Boxing/MMA?

Seriously, the atmosphere! So many of the fighters put their all into the fights and it’s so fun to watch.

What do you miss the most since boxing has taken a break?

I love getting dressed up and meeting up with the other ring girls. We always have so much fun! It’s crazy calling it work haha!

Is there a lot of travelling?

Sometimes. I have travelled all over Birmingham, Worcester, Coventry, Liverpool etc

What do you usually eat at events?

Always sweets and red bull without fail lol.

What do you prefer Boxing or MMA

I love both but have to go with MMA. Almost anything goes in MMA so you can literally be sat at the edge of your seat.

Have you got any funny stories?

When I first started I always wore big heels and that soon changed when I tripped over getting into the ring! I just had to laugh and carry on haha

Where do you get ready?

We usually get ready in a dressing room or toilets but I have also got ready in the car on the way to the venue lol!

Do you know the girls?

Yeah most of the time I work with girls who I have worked with before on other ring girl or promotional jobs. Sometimes I work with girls I havn’t worked with before but have been so lucky and have always met such lovely girls.

What are the boxers/fighters and the rest of the team like, do you see them much or are you quite separate?

Every boxer and team I have met have always been so welcoming. Most events they are in a separate room preparing for the fight. Some events we walk the boxers out and some events we just walk around the ring and sit outside the ring.

Do you get to keep the outfits?

No, I give it back straight after the event.

As much as I love the outfits there’s no where else I would wear them lol

If you want to know a little more about Finesse Ring Girls check out our socials below! We will be back next week with another one of our amazing team.

To book or enquire on a member of our team please visit the contact section.










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