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We chat with our Ring Girl Issy! What do you prefer Boxing or MMA? 🤔 🥊

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Finesse Ring Girls Issy

Professional Number Holder 🤷‍♀️ 😂

We had a chat with the amazing Finesse Ring Girls and got to know all about them and their favourite parts of the job!


So let's start with the basics what's your name, how old are you and where are you from?

Heya, I’m Issy! 25 years old and from Surrey but currently living in Cardiff.

How did you become a Ring Girl and how long have you been doing it ?

I started ring girling about 3/4 years ago now. I was with a promo agency and they needed a girl last minute for a show and put me forward. I remember walking into this arena thinking wth am I doing ...😂

Best thing about Boxing/MMA?

I’m very active and have always loved watching competitive sports, so the fact I get front row tickets to something I’m passionate about is a win. Also, who doesn’t love a sing a long to sweet Caroline 🤷🏻‍♀️

What do you miss the most since boxing has taken a break?

I miss the keeping busy and socialising aspect. Some weekends I would have a show Friday and Saturday, and you’re constantly meeting new people and friends. whereas now I’m just sat on my arse eating the contents of my fridge.

Is there a lot of travelling?

Yes. But for me it’s one of the bits I love the most. Especially the road trips where you can sing to your hearts content.

What do you usually eat at events?

I always have a good meal the night before to keep me fueled, along with the big breakie. I’m a big fan though of choco covered rice cakes, and any sort of chocolate tbh 😂 give me the sugaaaaaa

What do you prefer Boxing or MMA?

Both are very different and I don’t really prefer one more over the other. I favour the crowd and atmosphere at the boxing though 100%.

Do you have a boyfriend?

I do, he’s a babe. Understands that it’s a job and nothing more. Probably happy to get rid of me for the weekend and have some peace 😂

Where do you get ready?

I get ready at home then dressed at the event. Don’t think filling up the car in full blown heels and dress is for me.

Do you get paid?

Yes, for me personally it’s not worth travel etc if I’m not getting paid.

What are the boxers/fighters and the rest of the team like, do you see them much or are you quite separate?

Usually it’s fairly separate, unless your changing room is by there’s.  You mainly sit ringside for the most of it,  apart from the beginning and end.

Do you get to keep the outfits?

No no, unless you work for the same promoter regularly and it’s easier for them for you to keep it.

If you want to know a little more about Finesse Ring Girls check out our socials below! We will be back next week with another one of our amazing team.

To book or enquire on a member of our team please visit the contact section.


Our Ring Girls can't wait to be back and see the safe return of boxing. To catch up with the girls and all our BTS from events make sure you follow Finesse Ring Girls on our Socials below!










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