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How To Become A Social Media Influencer!

What is a Social Media Influencer and how do I become one?

Over the past 10 years we have seen Social Media Influencer Marketing boom! With the rise of the online community and a desire to get free stuff and be paid for it, it’s become one of the most popular job roles among females in 2021! We’re going to give you our top tips for being a great influencer and how to get paid to post but first what actually is an influencer??

Types of Social Media Influencer jobs/roles:

  • Sponsored/AD/Gifted posts

  • Giveaways

  • Swipe up link story posts

  • Social Media trend with product placement

  • Clothing hauls and try on's

  • Shout outs with prompts to follow/share a brands page

  • Music Video placement and promotion

A Social Media Influencer is hired to increase sales/desire/popularity and knowledge of a particular product, brand, company or service. This type of Modelling work is often referred to as SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER MARKETING and is becoming increasingly more popular due to the rise in popularity of Instagram and TikTok! But how do I become an influencer and get paid to post I hear you scream? Models and Influencers usually start off working on a collaborative basis where they post on social media in exchange for products/services. After they have built up a good following and social media image, they are able to charge for these posts. Influencers will be asked to post, talk about, wear and recommend products in exchange for a fee of anything between £100 - £1000 and even more when you enter into the celebrity status!

social media influencer agency Molly Mae Hague
Love Islands Molly Mae Hague bags 1Million deal for PLT!

Social Media Queen Molly Mae Hugh's fee has recently jumped from £10'000 to over £20'000 per sponsored social media post and recently striked a 1 MILLION POUND DEAL WITH Pretty Little Thing!

Photo Credit: The Sun

social media influencer Marketing Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian x Olay Collab

USA Social Media Queen Kim Kardashian is reported to earn $1.27 MILLION per sponsored post!

Photo Credit: Instagram


Our Top Tips On How to Become A Social Media Influencer!

Get free products and get paid to post!

1. Have Clean, Professional and Desirable social media platforms that are regularly updated!

It is essential to maintain a good social media presence and create great content! Social media image is very important when promoting a company, product or brand. Influencers with fewer followers still secure amazing collabs and paid posts due to being engaging and creating professional looking, regular social medial content. In return your account is also likely to grow at the same time! It is essential to make sure your social media accounts are active, up to date and showcase your best work. Agencies and Brands will often want to take look at your insights so if you are applying to be an influencer make sure your content is engaging and professional particularly if you have not previously done any brand partnerships or collaborations. This allows the potential agencies brands and companies to see how well you already do this before you represent their brand! Try and keep a theme going with your accounts and feed and be regular with your posting. It helps keep your account engaging, shows brands you are consistent and reliable, and it also helps with Instagram’s algorithms. Instagram and Tik Tok favour authentic accounts that post regularly, engage with their and don't spam.

2. Take part in Trends/Challenges and keep it current!

This is a great way to get content for your collaborations when you’re running out of creative ideas. Transitions and dances always look really cool and makes the collaborations look more professional. Have a look to see what the popular trends are on Instagram and TikTok and practice getting your content looking good! At the same time don't just copy whatever everyone else does! Be creative and unique and find your USP so that you stand out to your following. You can put your own spin on Trends and adapt challenges to suit your style!

3. Network and speak to other influencers and models!

There is a huge community of amazing influencers and models who are willing to share advice and point you in the right direction, don't be shy! Look for influencer groups on social media where they can give you tips and sometimes share brands and agencies looking for influencers!

It is possible to secure collabs and partnerships directly but it’s a lot easier when you have an agency to do it for you. They will already have relationships with brands and it’s a lot easier to get larger brands to consider you. When submitting your application make sure you are honest and complete it in full and include all your relevant work/content with links to your socials. Our books are open, and you can use the APPLY section to register.

5. DO NOT BUY FAKE FOLLOWERS OR LIKES! Keep your account authentic and follow the rules!

Buying fake followers and like damaged your engagement and risks your account being taken away. Brands and agencies are not silly and will be able to tell quite quickly whether your account and engagement is authentic or not and they will steer clear if it’s the latter. They are looking for genuine engagement and want to reach an audience of real people who will but their products not fake bots!

6. When you secure a collab or paid post stick to the brief and timeline!

One of the main roles of an influencer is to ensure the company or brands campaign or promotions is being delivered on time in line with their guidelines and that the target audience is reached. If you are given a day/time to post it’s for a reason so make sure you stick to it! Make sure you have fully understood the brief and if you are unsure ask! Remember you are hired to promote the product and make it look desirable, so smile and speak positively, clearly and knowledgeably about the company/product and make sure the content is to a high quality and clearly promotes their brand. It’s also important to make sure you are fully comfortable with posting the product or item before you agree, and it’s sent out! Do not force products that are not right for you or contradict your social media image or posts and remember agencies and brand are very understanding if something isn't right for you, they may have another brand or product that is!

7. Enjoy your job as an influencer and never sell yourself short! Value yourself and your work and never sell yourself short! When you feel you are ready to start progressing, be confident and don't feel like you or your content isn't worth a fee if you have spent time establishing yourself! If you feel something isn't worth your while or won't help you grow don't do it for the sake of it! Being an influencer or model is an amazing job remember to create amazing memories and take advantage of all the exciting trips and opportunities that you meet along the way! ✈️ 🛍 ☀️


social media influencer marketing agency


To catch up with the girls and all our BTS from our Influencers Models and Ring Girls events make sure you follow Finesse on our Socials below!

To catch up with the girls and all our BTS from our Influencers Models and Ring Girls events make sure you follow Finesse on our Socials below!

how to be a social maid influencer
Model Hazel for @Isawitfirst x @loveatfirst swipe campaign

How To Be An Influencer #HowToBeAnInfluencer

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