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Common misconceptions about hiring Event Models!

If you’ve ever been to a corporate event, chances are you’ve interacted with an event model even if you didn’t know it. They’d have been the friendly, smiley one that first engaged with you and piqued your interest in speaking to a brand. They probably took your contact details for future marketing opportunities and left you with a positive feeling about the brand because of the professional way they handled your customer experience. Because this is part of what they do day in, day out. So, why are so many brands sceptical of using event models? Well, mainly because of misconceptions of the industry. So, let’s bust a few of those myths and explain why hiring event staff could make your next exhibition a real success.


Myth 1 – Event models are just there to look good

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our models are professional event staff. They may well look glamorous, but their skill is in speaking to people in a friendly, professional manner. Exhibitions are unique events full of potential clients who have gone out of their way (and often paid money) to be there. These are people that want to know more about what’s on offer and want to buy. But exhibitions are also full of other companies vying for those same customers. So, you need tobe noticed and to grab every potential client within seconds, otherwise they’ll be off to a competitor. So, you need someone with experience and training in just that.

Myth 2 – It objectifies women

Event models are not scantily clad girls that look like a seventies game show – they are professional hosts and hostesses whose personalities are friendly and engaging. People who have that rare ability of being able to chat to clients without being overbearing or excessively salesy – and promote your brand in a positive way.

These are not skills that come easily to us all. And that’s why hiring event staff can give you maximum ROI in what can be a challenging but potentially very lucrative environment.

Myth 3 – Event models don’t understand my business

Now, this is true. Your event staff will be given some basic information about your business and the products or services on offer, but they won’t know the technical details. Becausethey don’t need to. Their role is that initial customer engagement which is unfamiliar to people who work in IT or manufacturing. Once your event models have garnered a clients’ interest, they can pass them on to somebody with greater knowledge and then get back to doing what they do best – gathering contact details, handing out samples or promotional material and getting clients on board with the event and with your brand through raffles, competitions etc. The customer will see this as a seamless and natural progression from one part of the business to another and you’ll have both members of staff doing what they do best.

Events and exhibitions offer huge potential for increased leads and sales and, done right, can make or break your year. To discuss how we can help you make your next event a success, give us a call or message us!

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