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UFC ring girl
Our very own Finesse Fox, Kat

Finesse Model Ring Girls were at the Rock Hill Sports Centre, South Carolina to witness firsthand one of the most action-packed and exciting events in sport today.

Global Legion 22 brought the house down with its high-octane boxing and first-class MMA, on Saturday 10th September, where a packed audience was treated to a stellar lineup of fighters in this one-of-a-kind hybrid fighting stage.

UFC ring girl
Our very own Lexi

Global Legion is the HOME of the ORIGINAL hybrid fighting stage, The Quadragon. GLFC is helping to revolutionize this sport by creating a unique atmosphere unlike any other for these modern-day gladiators who compete so ferociously.

UFC ring girl

The“Quadrigon" is a hybrid cage/boxing ring and brings to life a VIP experience without exception. And our Ring Girls Kat and Lexi were at the front and centre for it all as 16 incredible fights unfolded before a hypnotised crowd who couldn't get enough of the occasion.

Ring girls

The stacked card saw 5 pro boxing, 5 amateur, and 6 pro-MMA fights on a night of nonstop action and was overseen by Global Legion FC owners and ultimate husband and wife team Paula Perez and Kosmas Livanos.

The Pro Boxing and MMA Promotion agency moved to South Carolina after 3 years in Miami and they have been delighting audiences since its first show in the area in February 2022 of this year.

Ring girls

The duo work with high-level gyms from around the US and Global Legion has been coined the Home of the Fighter because of their incredible attention to detail. They look after and care for all their fighters, ensuring they are given private dressing rooms and have everything they need to go out and compete at the highest level.

Ring girls

They have a number of events on the horizon for this year if this show was anything to go by, then this is simply something you cannot afford to miss. Although the audience was occasionally distracted. We can't think why.....

Ring girls


Click here for more information on The Global Legion or follow them on Instagram

If you want to become a Ring Girl or join our Agency please visit our apply section and submit and application!

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