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Event staff agency - How to hire the best staff!

How the hire the best hospitality staff for your event!

There are many tools in making a success of your event and hiring event staff is one not to be overlooked!

Finesse Event Staffing - Interplas - Mouldshop

There are many factors to take into consiseration when hiring staff for your event! We have put together a helpful guide so that you and your company hire the very best staff for your event!

Before we start let’s explain what event staff do and their jobs and roles! What do event staff do? What are they responsible for and how will hospitality staff help my company or event?

  • Welcoming guest and assisting in getting them settled

  • Managing cloak rooms

  • Data capture

  • Distributing marketing material

  • Manage meetings and time tables

  • Checking inventories

  • Manage foot flow and traffic

  • Give presentations and demonstrations

  • Posing for photos and showcasing company brandig

  • Scan visitor passes and assist with giveaway and competitions

  • Handing out food and beverages

The list goes on....

Benefits of hiring event staff :

  • Allows staff to enjoy the event and relives them of any heavy duties

  • Creates a warm and friendly environments for clients and guests

  • Increases brand awareness via branded uniforms and mascots which are shared across social platforms

  • Assist in introducing ing new products

  • Gives the clients/consumer a better experience and ands value to your event

  • When hiring event staff you are able to designate different taks and role to individuals that are trained and knowledgeable in each area.

  • Event staff can help attract and guide clients and guests to your stand or booth or specific areas of your event.

  • Ensure important visitors are not overlooked or left waiting and are quickly seen by the appropriate person.

  • Hospitality staff and hostess that are bilingual can assist in communicating with overseas or no English speaking guests

  • Staff are on hand to assist with and increase sales

How to ensure I hire the right staff?

When beginning your search for event staff make sure you have a clear idea of your budget and needs and anything extra you need such as uniform. It it important plan ahead and having a fixed date, location and time of the event is helpful! Using a staffing agency like Finesse Event Staffing leaves all of this to the experts and allows you to focus on the rest of your event. When selecting your staff make sure you ask all of your questions and put forward and specifics and extra skills the staff may need. Think about after events, how can event staff help there?


"Using event models on our stand at Interplas was a fantastic use of our budget. Finesse done a great job at sending us very informed staff who were able to carry out all task professionally. They were very hard working and the3 days were a roaring success. We have booked for our next two shows and would definitely recommend!"

If you think you have what. it take to be a part of our outstanding team please submit an application via the website! If you would like to make an equity or assistance with a booking please don't hesitate to contact us!

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