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Event models; more than just a pretty face!

Hear the phrase ‘event models’ and many people instantly think of people who are paid to stand still and look good. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, if you’re looking for someone to make your latest clothing range look great, we can supply people to do that. But even at a fashion exhibition, there’s far more to it than simply showing off the goods. Which is why there’s far more to hiring exhibition staff too.

Event models will help with many aspects of making an event run smoothly. From

Event staff and Exhibition Models
Emelie, Promotional Model and Brand Ambassador

greeting people with a smile and taking coats to engaging potential clients with a view to a sale or capturing data for future marketing opportunities. An event model is a ‘people person’, someone who understands how to manage

conversations – and that includes dealing with time wasters, a skill which many of us are either too polite or too blunt to get right. They’ll be able to read the signs and work out whether the person they’re talking to is likely to buy or not and direct them appropriately in a polite and professional manner.

If attendees and potential clients want photos alongside the models, our event staff will be only too happy to oblige. When they subsequently share the pictures on social media, it can help present your brand as young, healthy and dynamic instead of relying on Trevor and his awkward fake smile. Brands use models in ads for a reason. They know how to look just right for what you want to convey. And how you convey your business to the world is key in how clients and potential clients perceive it. After all, many clients regularly see businesses mostly on social media. And an exhibition is about the future, not just the day, so a little extra investment in hiring event models is worthwhile and one that doesn’t stop at the end of the day when you and your temporary staff members part ways.

If there’s anything else you want your temporary event staff to do, just ask. They are seasoned exhibitors and will be able to take a wide variety of tasks in their stride. They’re business is to help make your business a success. And in a room full of competitors anything that gives you the edge makes a difference. If the competition are using event staff, then you should too so that you don’t appear as the poor relation. If they’re not, then you can look the more professional, polished outfit in addition to maximising leads and sales. Either way it’s a win. A major exhibition can make or break your year. And the people you take to the exhibition can makeor break the event. Finesse Models is a model agency based in London with professional, experienced event models who can help you make a success of your exhibition and a success of your business.

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