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5 reasons you should leave your staff in the office when exhibiting!

An exhibition or event has huge potential for new business and data capture. It’s a rare moment in business when clients come to you and effectively say, ‘Please sell to me.’ You invest time and money placing yourself in a room brimming with potential business. So, it’s important you absolutely nail it. Here, we look at the top 5 reasons why leaving some of your staff behind is the way to do just that.

1. The right people in the right place.

You’d never ask your head of IT to pop down and have a go at manufacturing for a couple of days. It would be business suicide. Staff are trained to do the job they’re employed to do and that’s what you want them doing. So if their skills and abilities are not necessary for the exhibition, you want them concentrating on their day job. Which is where professional event staff professionals trained to be personable, engage clients and capture data, can add value to your exhibition performance. And they’re just a phone call away.

2. Why disrupt business unnecessarily?

There’s no getting away from it, a successful exhibition can make or break your year. But what makes your business successful in the first place are the things you and your staff do every day.Throughout the year, many things which are out of your control will disrupt your business; the weather, traffic, worldwide pandemics… So, instead why not keep your business running while you exhibit to keep existing clients happy and keep the cash flowing in. Hiring event staff means its business as usual in the office, making you better prepared for the anticipated influx of business. Remember, some potential clients could get in touch the very next day, and if all your staff are tired and groggy from the rigours of the exhibition, they might struggle to be as effervescent as both you and your potential clients would like.

3. Increase your chances of success

Success or failure in business is defined by ROI. An exhibition is a huge opportunity for sales and leads, and should not be left to chance. For all their enthusiasm, if your regular staff are not trained in exhibiting, you run the risk of losing potential clients before you even have a chance to engage them. Part of an event model’s day job is to work events and exhibitions. It’s familiar surroundings, they’re in their element. They won’t be overawed or nervous – they’re in this job because they have the right skills for it. They’ll simply get on with the job of making it a success.

4. It’s what clients expect

You get one chance to make a good first impression. And clients quite rightly expect to be greeted by someone confident, approachable and professional. Get Pete from Accounts to welcome them and he’ll most likely fumble his words, get tongue tied and bore them with facts and figures they’re not interested in, resulting in a lost sale. By hiring exhibition staff, you avoid that awkwardness and present your business to potential new clients as confident, approachable and professional.

5. Because event staff are a thing

If plumbers didn’t exist, you’d do your own pipe work and have wet floors. But they do, so you employ them. The same goes for event staff. There was time when they didn’t exist, and you had to muddle on with your existing staff while crossing your fingers that things went well. These days that’s not necessary. You can leave your staff to get on with running the business while your exhibition staff get on with charming clients and bringing in new clients.

Event models are multi-talented and adaptable. If you’ve got an event or exhibition on the horizon and want to talk about how hiring event staff could help you make the most of it, give us a call. We’re here to help and can create bespokepackages to fit your needs and make sure the ROI for the event is as good, if not better, than you hoped for.

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