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5 reasons why Event Models are a must for your next event!

If you hear ‘event models’ and instantly think of people in beachwear parading around, then think again. Event models are professional event staff who bring more that just looks to an exhibition or event and help to enhance the overall customer experience. So, what are event models and why are they so important?

Promotional Models and Exhibition Staff

1. They’re professional!

You get one chance to make a first impression so it’s key you get it right.

This is a unique set of skills which can help define the success (or otherwise) of an event. And it’s why hiring event staff is far more than just aesthetics.

2. They’re experienced!

There’s no substitute for experience. To the untrained eye it might look like manning a stand at an exhibition is just a case of chatting with people. But you’ll want to get far more than that out of it. In addition to chatting with and charming your guests, your event staff are also representing your brand. They’re promoting what you do, gathering guest details, demonstrating products and much more. Exhibition slots are rarely cheap, so to get maximum ROI you need experienced event models who can keep all these plates spinning with a smile on their face.

3. Keep the wheels turning

An event or exhibition is designed to enhance your brand profile and to increase sales and revenue. So, shutting the business down for a day is contrary to what you’re trying to achieve. Apart from asking staff to engage with customers in an unfamiliar environment, by taking them to the event you’re also dragging them away from the thing they do well. It might be necessary to take a member of staff with some technical knowledge to the event, but often other staff members are at best wasted and at worst a liability – remember, office banter does not necessarily translate to customer engagement.

4. Stand out from the crowd

Chances are the competition will be there too. This is your chance to stand out from the rest, to position your brand as the most professional, the most engaging, the most confident, the friendliest– and ultimately to be the one that comes away with the most new clients and leads. Event models will deliver all of the above because it’s what they’re experts in.

5. They’re affordable

An event is a great opportunity to boost business and brand awareness. Like any other form of

advertising, doing it right costs money. But with prices starting at just XX and event models bringing

all the above benefits, it’s clear that investing a little more in your exhibition budget will give you a

far greater return than scrimping on costs and coming away with just a handful of lukewarm leads.

For more details of the packages we offer get in touch and we’ll help make your next pitch the success you expect!

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